The primary goal of this operation manual was to describe how to work with the Diag4Tune™ tuning tool when optimising fuel maps. We are providing our customers with a very powerful tool the features of which are missing in the original Harley-Davidson diagnostic device. During the development of the tool (like in the DIAG4BIKE™ diagnostics) we paid much attention to user-friendly controls. Nevertheless, we expect a series of training sessions for users and our distributors in Europe, U.S. and obviously at the Atal's headquarters. We also plan to extend the e-mail help system by tuning support.

The operating instructions also include many descriptions that explain the arrangement of the EFI fuel maps for the Harley-Davidson engines. The information is primarily intended for the users of the DIAG4BIKE™ diagnostics and Diag4Tune™ tuning tools. It can also be a source of interesting information for bikers. At least, they will learn that to optimise fuel maps of their H-D it is not necessary to laboriously install additional "electronic add-ons" on their bikes, and that there is a very comfortable alternative. The solution is a simple change in the program of the control module via the diagnostic connector and it is called Diag4Tune™. Also, it is only a matter of tens of seconds to return the bike to its original condition.

In addition, it should also be noted what the expected benefits of tuning are - through optimising the fuel maps, as described above. From our experience we can say that, after installing open intake and exhaust systems, an increase in torque within the range of 10-20% can be achieved. However, this is not the only positive outcome. In most cases, driving comfort will improve significantly by extending the usable engine RPM for each gear, especially at low engine speeds.

It is obvious that by this achievement we have not ended our work on tuning. Like in the diagnostics, we will be adding features and launching them within updates for the Diag4Tune™. Of course, the priority is to extend the coverage to models depending on the year of production. For example, in 2014 we plan to expand the Diag4Tune™ tool by adding optimisation processes for ignition advance characteristics.

For most users of the DIAG4BIKE™ tool, repairs, maintenance, modifications, construction and tuning of Harley-Davidson motorcycles are a daily routine and, as I personally got to know some of them, also a deep passion. And for all users of the Diag4Bike™, which includes the Diag4Tune™ tool, I wish you have a lot of creative fun with customising Harley-Davidson engines.